Liberal church decline?

I find myself wondering how the decline of church-going among liberals is possibly shaping American politics. My sense is that the Democratic Party has become the party of the more affluent, those who have benefited from the information economy.  In the old days, this tilt was softened by the church’s call to love one another.  That call has been stilled. Instead, to my eyes at least, America is dividing into a relatively small affluent group of secular liberals and a larger group of blue collar workers who are being made redundant by the computers that have made the liberals rich. Trump promised on the campaign trail to remedy their very real plight. Many switched from the Democratic Party, which no longer appeared to care about them, to Trump, nominally a Republican, who seemed to care about them. The problem that I see is that there is no way back. The computer has changed our lives forever. There is no sign that Trump realizes this or that any of his billionaire appointees has given any thought to the challenges that lie ahead. The Republican Party itself merely talks about a return to the 1950’s and is clearly irrelevant. In short, those who voted for him are in for a huge disappointment. Which brings me back to the church. How, I wonder, can the church recover the loyalty of the secular liberal? And turn them into Christians devoted to the concerns of others? And willing, out of love and compassion, to do some serious thinking about the new economy


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