Fallen man

I often think that the greatest insight that the Bible gives us is that mankind is fallen. The story of Adam & Eve might well be a myth but, like all great myths, it reveals an eternal truth. We are all sinners, not irretrievably bad, but not purely good either. We are all a mixture of good and bad. I think the message of the Bible is that this is where we must begin — with fallible, inadequate, human beings, struggling for a place in the sunlight.

I read today about what a terrible person Christopher Columbus was. We have protests involving the terrible person Cecil John Rhodes was. The current presidential election revolves around the terrible person of Donald Trump.  Jacob Zuma is the latest terrible person according to many. And on and on and on! All this comes from people who presumably deem themselves to be better than these people, who presumably place themselves in the category of saints.

Sure we can and must condemn the sin but let’s remember as we do that we are all sinners. And, as we build theories about how to run the world, let’s remember that whatever system is put in place, it will involve “terrible” people, ourselves included!

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