The new Prime Minister of Great Britain made some trenchant remarks in her maiden speech outside 10 Downing Street, promising that the new Conservatives would represent all the people and not just the privileged few. While, I support her goals completely, I wonder just how she is going to achieve them in this new technology driven world.  People have not suddenly become more selfish than they were in the past. Rather, what we are witnessing is the hollowing out of the jobs created in the late 19th century by the post-industrial revolution. Society is being divided into those blessed by this change and those cursed by it. The world of the mid-twentieth century has passed away. A new order is upon us. To promise, as she seemed to do, to turn back the tide sounded an awful lot like King Canute on his throne in the waves. Our new world is going to require a lot of hard thinking on all our parts and is not going to yield to simplistic political sloganeering.

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