Easter Sunday

Hung from the rafters this morning, we had two thin curtains that divided the sanctuary from the pulpit. Our pastor stood in front and talked about one of my favourite topics, thin places. And then the curtain was drawn aside to reveal a large and beautiful flower arrangement behind the communion table. One really had a sense of the curtain of the temple being torn asunder. It was a wonderful visualization of a thin place.

The rest of the service was also rather “fun.” I can recall dozens of Christmas pageants but I really can’t remember many Easter pageants. We had two little boys dubbed Peter and John who raced the length of the church. They were invited to dive under the communion table, dressed to look like a tomb, and to confirm that it really was empty. There was Mary. There was a little boy with a pitchfork who was the gardener! And, of course, there were the angels. It made it all wonderfully vivid.

We have a screen at the front of the church and our pastor used it to show a series of paintings depicting the events of Holy Week. I am so used to paintings from the Middle Ages in Europe. He had managed to find a whole series that were Asian and African in style — for example all the disciples at Passover were African men. It really was a fresh way to see things.

The only thing missing was the singing of Christ the Lord is Risen Today. We had a beautiful selection of hymns but not that one. So, we came home, found a YouTube video with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and our Easter Sunday was complete.

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