God — the diamond

Our sermon this morning took as its text Ephesians 4: 1-6, God is Father of all and talked about the unity of the church despite its lack of uniformity. I have always maintained that if God is anything then He is BIG! Bigger than our little minds can comprehend. I have imagined him to people as a giant, multifaceted diamond. Each of us is made in His image — or more correctly in one tiny part of His image. We are like the facets on that diamond. Our role in life is to keep our little facet polished so that the expression of His love that is us can be seen through us. And, since we are just one tiny facet, it behooves us to treat the many other facets around us with respect or, in Paul’s words, “with forbearing love.” And to allow others the freedom to polish their facet within the vision granted to them. Diversity within unity.

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