Nature’s Cathedral

66ef2cf15097000f90d974155fcdec18In our children’s talk this Sunday, we talked about the clouds and how by looking up we see God’s world. We saw some truly amazing cloud patterns on the slides that went up. It was all a nice reminder that while we tend to worship in cathedrals (or the equivalent) made by human hands, if we just step outside, we enter a Cathedral that the good Lord made for us.

It is Spring here and the trees are just coming into that leaf. They are that wonderful light green, almost translucent, shade that characterizes Spring. I ran an errand today that took me along an avenue lined with these newly-leafed trees. I couldn’t but help remember Sunday and become simultaneously conscious of being in a sacred space, another natural Cathedral.

On a lighter note, as Robert was talking to the children on Sunday, my mind was going back to Charlie Brown and his friends, lying on the grass looking up at the passing clouds. Lucy says, “I see an angel, blowing on a big, long horn. What do you see Charlie Brown?” He responds with “I was going to say a horsey and a ducky, but I changed my mind.” The joke aside, the wonder of nature’s cathedral is that it speaks individually to each of us.

I sit here looking up at a grand mountain after coming home again along that avenue. But in my mind’s eye, I can still see White Rock Lake in Dallas and that blue expanse of water that is also heavenly.

One response to “Nature’s Cathedral

  1. Thanks for reminding me to look up and see wonder instead of down and see feet. White Rock Lake misses you too.

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