Each of us were handed a sprig of lavender as we entered church today. This was part of our ongoing focus on Creation for the first six weeks of the Southern Spring. The whole church was filled with lavender fragrance. It was quite magical.

I have commented before how church tends to be very head driven. We are a little afraid in mainstream churches of choruses or hymns in the minor key that evoke too many emotions. We seldom cry. In fact, we seldom raise our hands in praise, leaving that to the more evangelical churches. But here we were with the scent of lavender filling the church, particularly as everyone fiddled with their little sprig, releasing its scent. Lavender is known for its power to relax us, to calm us down, to lower our stress level, to get us to focus. I had a sense as I was sitting in my pew with this fragrance surrounding me of being “there,” of being “in the moment.” It was magical and it made me wonder why we don’t use more of our senses more often in our services.

One response to “Lavender

  1. Michael, I have read and been blessed by all your postings. Thank you so much for including us. The one about lavender is delightful. I would have loved to experience that with you and Nancy.
    Take care, dear dear friend.

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