Shared Dreams

Our sermon this morning began with a focus on Creation and how we are all creatures of the earth. It then subtly shifted to how by virtue of all being creatures of the earth we are all connected to one another. Or perhaps, we should all be connected to one another. With our current emphasis on the importance of the individual, we have a tendency to forget that we are all connected in profound ways.

The cartoonist-philosopher Leunig wrote a little poem called Small Town:

There is a little town called Me
Where things aren’t what they used to be
And nearby is the town of You
Which is getting tired too.
But we can take the morning bus
And travel to the town of Us
A larger, louder place with bells
With parks and schools and wishing wells,
Churches, restaurants, and shops
Potatoes, pumpkin, peas and chops,
Some ginger sponge, a cup of tea,
Then back again to You and Me.

It was at this point that Robert really began to speak to me. We each, he pointed out, have our own individual dreams. But, if our individual dreams are to be realized then we need to travel to the town of Us to join with others in a shared dream. I thought back on my years at SMU where so many of my individual dreams seemed to perish and I realized, with a bit of jolt, how I had failed to make that journey to the town of US, to the land of Shared Dreams.

2 responses to “Shared Dreams

  1. I was struck by the last paragraph of David Brooks‘ column in this morning’s New York Times in which he essentially decried the current emphasis on a negative anti-everything and called for us to channel our dissatisfactions “into citizenship, into the notion that we are still one people, compelled by love of country to live with one another, and charged with the responsibility to make the compromises, build the coalitions, practice messy politics and sustain the institutions that throughout history have made national greatness possible.” It sounded an awful lot to me like the need to have a shared dream.

  2. Thanks for reminding me of the town of US in the land of Shared Dreams.
    Hugs from Texas.

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