Making stories come alive

I had a new experience last night: Theatre Therapy. I have long known about Music Therapy but Theatre Therapy was a new genre to me. Three wonderful actors, a narrator and a most accomplished musician took the floor in our church hall. They called upon us to tell our stories and then they acted our stories about before us.

I told how last year Rondebosch United inducted into membership a convicted murderer who was about to serve a long-term sentence for his crime. I have never in all my years seen anything like it in a church. Several members came up from their pews to stand beside him and the church undertook to visit him — for inasmuch as you do this for the least of these, you do it unto Me. I spoke about how we have a tendency to keep the bad separated from the good. As the three actors took the floor, they draped themselves in long scarves of black and white, symbolizing good and evil. As they acted out the story, so the black scarves became enfolded in the white. It was a magical enactment and a visual presentation that will live with me forever. Thank you Russell and Selina for inviting the Bonfire Theatre Company to tell our stories so evocatively for us.

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