The Season of Creation

The Season of Creation has started on the 1st September and will end with the St. Francis Feast Day on the 4th October. It coincides symbolically with our spring here in the South. The annual celebration of a six week Season of Creation has become increasingly common in churches throughout the world. Within the Orthodox tradition 1st September has long been regarded as the first Day of Creation, and over a number of years there have been calls by church bodies for an annual six week celebration.

We were reminded in church this morning that the words human, humus and humility all derive from the same root. Humans and humus are intimately connected. Likewise Adam derives from the word adamah, meaning dust, because “the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground.” Or more poetically, we are created from star dust!

Mimi led us in our opening prayer and invited us to stand and to remove our shoes so that we could feel the earth beneath the soles our feet. It was a wonderful reminder that we are part of creation and that we have a God-given responsibility to care for creation.

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